Sunday, February 9, 2014


Someone commented to me that it has not snowed recently. I am not in Budapest. I am in New York. Since the New Year, and our new mayor, we have had quite a few snow storms and rain storms. We have had a cold, snowy winter. Our winters in recent years have been mild. This winter, we are back to our old fashioned wet, cold weather.

The lab for the dentist who I am seeing seems to be slow.

Kreativ Dental has a good lab. Their crowns and bridges look good. It is the dentists who are bad. The work inside the bridge they made for me was terrible. It got infected because the roots were exposed and not sterile. This took over a year to happen. The shape of the teeth was excellent though.

Someone suggested that I am a Budapest dentist who is afraid of competition. I have no idea how to prove this is all real. Kreativ Dental knows who I am. They have emailed me.

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  1. Ok, my bad. I thought you were still in budapest going through this ordeal with kreativ. I did not complain, just commented. Words feel diferent than speech. Thanks for your blog, you steered me away from Kreativ. Anyway I did not like the way they treated my case when I went there for my first consultation. I think it is a dental factory, based on numbers rather than health.