Saturday, April 5, 2014

The metal bases of the crowns are finished.

I went to the dentist again on Friday. He fitted the metal core of the crowns. There are separate crowns instead of a bridge so that each crown fits properly.

He then glued the crowns together so that they could be welded together to make a bridge. I see him again next Wednesday.

He used a laser to pare down the gums a bit to make the crowns fit.

It is over a year now that I have been having my teeth fixed this time. I am very discouraged. I am also annoyed that I am paying so much money unnecessarily.  Unnecessarily because if Kreativ Dental had done a decent job I would not be having any dental work done now.

Looking back on what happened at Kreativ Dental, I must have been an idiot to think that someone in Budapest would do a better job that anyone in New York. They are over priced and maybe not pretty in NY but at least they are hygienic and I never had a dental infection caused by a dentist in NYC.

I could not sleep so I am writing this at 2:50 AM. I could scream but it would not do any good. I am sitting here shaking my head over the whole situation.

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