Thursday, December 18, 2014

The continuing nightmare.

I had some swelling on the gum around the bottom tooth so I went to the dentist. He said it is an infection and I need an apicoectomy (dental surgery to remove part of the root of the tooth). I have an appointment with a surgeon in 10 days. I hate this. The surgeon would not tell me how much it costs. He has to evaluate the situation.

I am on antibiotics again.

Someone wrote to me to tell me that he can not see the lawyer's letter that is above. I have been away and I will fix it soon.

Again, beware of Kreativ Dental of Budapest. They did purely a cosmetic work on my mouth and years later I am still suffering because of it. I am lucky that I have the money to pay for this extra work or I would be in big trouble.

What is the answer to Kreativ Dental's bad dentistry? Of course, it is a lawyer's letter, not to correct the bad job. Do not be fooled by their lovely building.

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