Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No more root canals... for now.

The Endodontist started a root canal today on an upper canine tooth. Since all of the teeth are attached as a bridge across the front, he decided he could not drill through the entire post without causing damage. It would destroy the tooth and cause too many problems. He said to leave it until it becomes inflamed and there is not other choice than to clean out the root. Kreativ Dental did not fill the tooth properly but it has not become infected yet. The others were quite infected.

He cleaned the teeth around the lower teeth that were previously root canal-ed.  

The next step is to see the dentist about resurfacing the root canals.

I paid an additional $250 today.

I have not heard from Kreativ Dental Clinic lately.

I would not recommend Kreativ Dental Clinic to anyone I liked.

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