Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Two upper root canals were finished today.

I went to the endodontist today and he finished two more upper root canals. One tooth next to each incisor was completed. I am ending the penicillin for the infection.

In two weeks, he will do a root canal in one of the incisors. This will be a major endevor since the incisors have root canals done by Kreativ Dental. The dentist at Kreativ Dental did not fill in the entire root. They left an empty portion between the post and the filling. The endodontist will have to drill the post out of the tooth before redoing the root canal.

All of this work would be unnecessary if Kreativ Dental had done a decent job. I paid enough for them to do an excellent job. They may be Kreativ but they are not thorough or competent.  

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