Friday, December 6, 2013

Three more visits to the dentist. $3,500US more paid.

I have been lax in writing about the dentist.

I have had three more visits in the past two weeks. I had the upper partial denture relined and 8 posts put into the teeth that had root canals.  I have paid 3,500US more for this.

The dentist adjusted the attachments of the upper partial denture. The attachments were never properly made at Kreativ Dental as they did not "seat" the partial denture correctly. The attachments were improperly made. Now, after they were fixed by my local dentist, the upper denture does not wobble.

I had posts put into the root canals. The dentist drilled holes into the root canals and inserted metal posts to hold the crowns. The upper crowns will stay until they go bad. The lower crowns are being replaced since they were made so badly by Kreativ Dental.

Remember, the work done by Kreativ Dental was solely cosmetic. There was nothing wrong with my teeth when I went to them. They ground down my teeth in the front and made crowns. Most of the crowns went bad and I am replacing the lowers ones. The upper crowns are staying but may need to be replaced later.  Kreativ Dental replaced partial dentures which I already had. I am having the lower denture remade. That denture was too bad to leave the way it was. 

I am lucky that I had the money to do this work. Otherwise, I would still have terrible infections and pain.

It is all an unnecessary expense due to the shoddy workmanship by Kreativ Dental of Budapest.

I would say that you should try to work something out with your local dentist. Traveling for dental care is highly risky. What are you going to do after you spend all of your money on foreign dental care and then you have an infected mouth at home months later?

Going to Budapest is only cheap if you stay in their bad hotel. If you stay downtown, as I did, it can be quite expensive. I paid as much in Budapest for the lack of care at Kreativ Dental as I would have paid in New York, but I had a wonderful vacation too. I am now paying for the work all over again.

Budapest is a wonderful historic city. Go there for a vacation, not for dental care. 

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