Saturday, December 21, 2013

Two more visits to the dentist, $7,000US more.

I am continuing to go to the dentist. He is moving along with the front lower bridge. Next time the metal part will be finished. I am now wearing temporary crowns. The crowns made by Kreativ Dental are gone.

I had a slight infection that had to be cleaned.

The upper partial denture was adjusted. It does not fit well. I do not want to spend more money to replace it, if I do not have to.

I am SO sorry that I ever went to Budapest. The cleanliness of their beautiful dental center must be atrocious. I have never had infections like this. It was a total waste of money. It has caused so many problems.

If anyone else has a Kreativ Dental story they would like to share, I will publish it here. Email me and let me know.

I see they have continued their Internet blitz. They have their ads, videos and personal endorsements everywhere. It always amazes me how the worst products and the worst people look so good and advertise so much. These people know how to make money.

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