Monday, June 16, 2014

Another slowdown

I went to the dentist and he showed me the new partial denture in a wax mock up. It looked good. He sent me to the periodontist to have my gums trimmed to make the bridge fit comfortably. It all looked good. I was getting happy that there was an end in sight.

At the periodontist I was told that I needed an operation again. He did the same operation he did months ago. It was not too painful but it was torture for me. I can not take it anymore.

This dental work is endless and simply torture. It was completely preventable. It is all to fix the cosmetic work done by Kreativ Dental in Budapest. 

A personal note to the people at Kreativ Dental in Budapest.

The gums are healing well. I have to wait a month for them to heal so that the fixed bridge can be inserted. The denture should be finished and it may be over.

The gum surgery cost $2,250 US.

Avoid Kreativ Dental. Keep your sanity.

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