Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am in pain.

I am in pain. I went to the dentist in New York and he said I have an infection under the lower bridge. I am taking Penicillin and Motrin.

The entire lower bridge is ruined. The teeth below the lower bridge are infected because they were not sealed when it was installed. The dentist did not put cement under the middle teeth of the bridge. It was laziness and lack of care.

There was nothing wrong with those teeth when I went to Budapest in the Fall of 2011. I wanted them capped so they would look good with the new partial dentures.

Kreativ Dental does not care what kind of job they send you home with. They knew it was bad when I left. We discussed it. They would not change it.

So, here I sit in pain at 4:30am thinking about what a fool I was to go to Budapest and how much this is going to cost me again.

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