Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kreativ Dental in Budapest ruined my teeth.

I am back in New York City.

This is the story of what happened to my teeth after I returned from Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest.

I went to Kreativ Dental of Budapest for cosmetic dental work. They put in crowns and made new partial dentures. There was nothing wrong with my teeth before I went to Kreativ Dental. They turned my mouth into a nightmare.

I wasted my money on bad crowns and dentures. After I returned to New York City, I had abscesses and needed a gum operation. I had 8 root canals done to repair their bad dental work. I had to have the crowns replaced. I needed new partial dentures. 

I not only wasted my money but I had a lot of pain. It has taken a year to repair the bad dental work.

Beware of medical tourism, and bad dentists. Beware of Kreativ Dental of Budapest.I was cheated by Kreativ Dental of Budapest. 

They cheated me out of 2,500,000 forints which was worth over $11,000 US dollars at that time.

I paid for transportation from New York City to Budapest and back.

In addition, I stayed in downtown Budapest for over 2 months because their advertised hotel was a disaster.

I knew that I would not be saving much money for this trip. But, I thought I would have my teeth fixed properly.

Kreativ Dental did a terrible job.

The Kreativ Dental facility:
Kreativ Dental has its own building in a residential area of Budapest. The facility is quite impressive. It is a nicely designed building with labs, exam rooms, waiting areas and a snack bar. It could not be more pleasant.

When I arrived:
I arrived at Budapest and I was picked up at the airport by the Kreativ Dental van. It brought me to Eben Hotel which is near the dental facility.

The hotel is disgusting. I started getting suspicious after the buildup that they gave the hotel. The halls were full of smoke. The rooms were dirty. The rooms were cheap dormitory rooms. Ikea furniture would be an improvement. As soon as I saw the room, I left and found a hotel room downtown.

For the remainder of the trip I stayed downtown paying much more per night than expected.

Instead of apologizing to me for this added expense Dr. Solymosi complained to me that I did not stay the night and that he had to pay the Eben Hotel for one night.

Dr. Iván Solymosi, General Practitioner
The dentist who did this bad job.

What I needed to be done:
I needed to have my upper and lower partial dentures re-done.

I wanted to have my front teeth capped. I needed 12 crowns.

Because I had these dentures for many years, I needed new tight dentures that would not put stress on the gums and bones.

What they said they would do:

They have a room just for explaining what they intend to do.

They showed me the precision attachment they would use on the partial dentures. They explained, at length, that it was a good attachment because the dentures would not press onto the gums and, therefore, would not wear down the bone.

They discussed with me that the crowns would possibly need root canals.

They showed me the materials that the crowns would be made of.

They charged extra for “precision” measurements for the dentures. They call it Arcus Digma. This costs over $1,000 US.

What they started to do:

Dr. Solymosi  started to do the work. Dr. Solymosi took impressions. The lab made the dentures and crowns.

I went to the see Dr. Solymosi over 20 times.

The dentures did not fit. The dentures did not have the precision attachments. The attachments that they used were not at all like the ones they showed me. It was not what was specified in the contact that I signed. It was not what I paid for.

They used a semi precision attachment that rests on the gums. This defeats the purpose of the precision attachment that they told me they would use.

The crowns were not the right size.
They installed two bridges instead of 12 crowns. 

Dr. Solymosi took weeks to adjust the dentures and the crowns. 

Dr. Solymosi only used the Arcus Digma on the last day before the denture was installed. They never used it to make the denture or the crowns. They called it a “gimmick” and laughed at it. It is a $1,200 gimmick that was useless.

When I complained to another dentist, Dr. Pilihaci, Dr. Solymosi agreed that he did a bad job. Dr. Pilihaci said he would do the job again, but then he changed his mind and refused.

The dentures never fit correctly.

They refuse to fix them. They refused while I was in Budapest. They refuse now while I am at home.

The root canals:

Dr. Solymosi said I only needed 2 root canals. He sent me to their root canal specialist on the ground floor, Dr. Ágh. She did the root canals in record speed. Dr. Ágh never took xrays to check what she did.

After I got home I started feeling the root canal. I went to a dentist who took xrays. The root canals are pushed down below the teeth, into the gum line. These are defective root canals. 

The crowns:

The crowns which are in the front almost look good. They are a weird color... much too dark... but they are a decent shape.

The problem is that they only made two bridges. This was unnecessary and obviously a lazy way to deal with fixing my mouth. I paid for twelve separate crowns and got two bridges.

Dr. Solymosi only put cement on the outer two crowns when cementing each bridge into my mouth.

The teeth that were not cemented properly hurt.
I told Dr. Solymosi this before I left Budapest. They refused to fix it. The bridges have leaked since the bridges were put into my mouth.

They will also have to be replaced because the wrong attachments were used. The dentures are pressing down on the bone and making it smaller. My mouth can not support that.

Since they did not make separate crowns, I will have to get 12 crowns to replace these two bad bridges that they made.

I told them these things while I was in Budapest. They would not fix them.

Dr. Cristian Pilihaci, General Practitioner
The dentist who said he would fix this bad job but then did not. 

Dr. Orsolya Ágh
The root canal specialist
She can do an amazingly fast root canal. They did not last.

Noémi Németh, receptionist

She screamed at me when I complained.
She said she would call the police if I did not leave.

Doesn't she look pleasant?

Kreativ Dental will not honor their guarantee.
The only thing they do well is making websites.

What I have to do now:
I have to get all of the dental work done again.
I have to pay for it as if I had never gone to Budapest.
All of the money spent in Budapest is gone.
Over $20,000 was wasted.

I would not recommend going to Budapest for dental care.
I would not recommend Kreativ Dental.
Kreativ Dental is all flash and little substance.