Saturday, April 20, 2013

A lot has happened since my last post. Not much was good.

On Wednesday, the abscess returned while the root canals were half done. My face is quite swollen and painful. I am taking pain medication.

I had to go to an Oral Surgeon and have it lanced. Then the next day, I went back to have the drain removed.  It was extremely painful before I went to the Surgeon. 

Then, on Thursday, I started having a reaction to the antibiotics. I had to go to a dermatologist. I have pain in my buttocks and a huge red spot on it...all from the antibiotics. Of course, I stopped taking the antibiotics.

I wish I had never gone to Budapest.

The drug reaction has stopped spreading. I was very worried about this.

I am going to the Emergency Room today because I need antibiotics for the abscess. I do not want it to return. They will know better than a dentist what I should take. And, It is Saturday.

Budapest, blah!

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