Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The new antibiotic seems to be well tolerated.

The Augmentin I was given seems to be working. I have had no reaction to it.

I see the reviews of Kreativ Dental and have to laugh. They are written by Kreativ Dental or on travel for dental websites which are obviously paid for by dentists.

When I was in Budapest the dentist said they threatened to sue someone who put something negative about them on the web. I should have taken that as a big clue. Now, after my experiences, these treatment abroad websites seem so phoney. Kreativ Dental treatment is bad. They do not care in what state the patient is in when he or she leaves Budapest. And, of course, afterwards there is no care by them or it is at their whim. I am stuck and not only is it going to cost me more than if I had it done here in the first place but now my teeth and in worse shape because of them.

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