Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two more root canals today!

First, I went to the dentist and he adjusted the bottom dentures so they would fit into my mouth again. He explained that the infection made the bone swollen so the dentures would not fit.

I, then, went to the endodontist to get the two root canals finished. They were still infected so the endodontist cleaned them out and resealed them temporarily.

He started two more root canals so the infection on the bottom front would finally go away.
He said the roots were dead in one. It was full of pus from the abscess.

He is going to clean them out again next week. The teeth are now sensitive. I am still on the Augmentin and Motrin.

The xrays still show abscess from the bad job under crowns. The endodontist said the crowns were not sealed properly.  He is sealing them from the inside.

Budapest... what a bad idea.
Kreativ Dental... what a bad idea.

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