Sunday, June 16, 2013

The bridge was loose.

The teeth which were crowned by Kreativ Dental clinic were prepared together as a bridge. There are six crowns attached together across the bottom and the same thing across the top. It looked very nice. I was not happy with the dark color but I was pleased with the shape of the teeth.

It was the preparation underneath that ruined the teeth. And, the attachments for the dentures are weird. The attachments are all different heights. It makes no sense.

While having the root canals redone these past weeks, the bridge became loose. The bridge and the dentures were moving! The enitre bridge had no support because so much of the teeth surface was removed at Kreativ Dental clinic.

Remember, there was nothing wrong with these teeth before Kreativ Dental crowned them. This was a cosmetic job that was done while I was having new partial dentures made by them.

Now everything is finished on the bottom. All of those teeth have new root canals. It feels secure. Hopefully, It will last and the bad work done in Budapest is in the past. I shall see.

I have to get the upper teeth fixed now for $9,600.US (after giving Kreativ Dental over $11,000US and having the upper teeth redone for $8,000US.)

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