Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Good news, for now.

I went to the oral surgeon. He said the infection has stopped and he would not have to operate. He said to keep an eye on that area and get back to him if anything changes.

I was very nervous about this infection. He said my hands were shaking. I was quite depressed that I needed more dental work. It has gotten to be too much for me.

He said that the area that the infection was in would be very hard to fix because of the shape of the roots. He advised, if the infection returns, to have the teeth removed and, if possible, have implants with a full denture.

Again, this is the area where Kreativ Dental did purely cosmetic work to put in crowns (in the front, lower area). The work looked good but was infected underneath the crowns and has caused many problems since the work was done in November of 2011.   It has cost me about $30,000 US to get the area fixed and is still in bad shape.

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