Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kreativ Dental censorship on

Tripadvisor has told me that they received many negative comments about Kreativ Dental and that they were removed. They said that they do not allow "efforts to damage the reputation of a brand".

Before I went to Kreativ Dental of Budapest I did not see negative comments about them. There were many glowing reports of dental triumphs and saved money.

Kreativ Dental has sent me a letter that they will sue me because I told here what happened to me and they have complained to tripadvisor about negative comments that people made about them.

I am sure that many people have gone to Kreativ Dental and their dental work has lasted and was successful BUT I have no doubt that there are many people, like me, who have had horrendous problems with the work Kreativ Dental has done.

Knowledge of the bad work being done is suppressed by the aggressive actions of Kreativ Dental and the fear that they cause by the threats they make.

In the end not only did I spent a fortune to fix the infections and bad dental work they did but I did not save any money even when there. I spent over 2 months in Budapest and, of course, paid for hotels and restaurants. I thought I would have a decent job done and did not care at the time that I was not saving anything. I was enthusiastic about getting my teeth fixed. I was wrong and I have paid the price in several ways.


  1. Oh how bad!! This news is very shocking dear!! That’s one of the main reasons that I don’t trust any other dentists rather than my family dentist Redondo Beach. We are using his services from a long time. He never gave us any chance for complains. He is the best dentist!!

  2. Kreativ totally butchered my teeth too - caused me huge amounts of pain and infection and refused to accept any responsibility when it was clear from consulting another dentist that they had totally screwed it up. They aggressively pursued me and now I know why the clinic is covered in video surveillance cameras and has a security guard on the front door. Nasty, nasty people.

    1. Was it the same dentist ? I have also run into a big problem with his work

  3. The work was done by Dr. Iván Solymosi.